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Jean Piaget Conferences

2nd Jean Piaget Conference

The Jean Piaget Conferences of the Archives Jean Piaget are biannual conferences allowing the best specialists of a domain to join around a topic that has a particular relevance for Jean Piaget’s theory. The Jean Piaget Conferences are dedicated to students, researchers and scholars interested in Piaget’s work and theory. Though being primarily centered on developmental and cognitive psychology, the advanced course can also be of interest for a larger audience interested in child development, education, epistemology and cognitive science.  

The Jean Piaget Conferences proposes a series of one-hour lectures by prominent authors. It constitutes a unique occasion for students, scholars and everybody interested in child development to get an up to date and in-depth survey of a topic and to discuss with the most influent scientists gathered round a timely question.

On June 20 and 21 2016, the "Archives Jean Piaget" at the University of Geneva will organize a scientific event entitled "Jean Piaget Conferences". The aim of these biannual conferences is to bring together the best specialists of a domain around a topic that is particularly relevant to Jean Piaget's theory and developmental psychology.The theme selected for the next "Jean Piaget Conference" is infant development. This particular theme was motivated by the recent acquisition of the “carnets” (notebooks) written by Jean and his wife Valentine and relating the early development of their three children, the very same “carnets” that eventually laid the ground for the trilogy of books on sensori-motor development and on birth of intelligence in children ("The origins of intelligence", "The child's construction of reality" and "Play, dreams and imitation in childhood"). These invaluable documents have remained in Piaget's estate in Pinchat until recently, when they were bequeathed by the family to the Archives along with all Piaget's manuscripts. In parallel with the conference, an exhibition of the “carnets” will be held to celebrate this important acquisition. More importantly, we plan to bring together most of the leader experts in early development in a two-day conference where each participant is asked to give a one-hour lecture. Participants are also invited to present their own works by submitting posters related to the topic of the Conference 2016 or to any aspect related to developmental psychology and Piaget’s theory. Two poster sessions will be organized during the Jean Piaget Conference 2016.

Registration and Submission

For further information, please contact Mrs Christelle Aymoz. Download the poster in pdf.