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Research grants

Jean Piaget about 1939
Piaget about 1939
  1. Object:
    Small grants of the Jean Piaget Foundation for research on documents at the Jean Piaget Archives are available. 
  2. Target population:
    The grants are meant to support advanced research. Exceptionally, they may be granted for Ph.D. dissertations. 
  3. Subject matter:
    Researches supported by these grants must deal with some theoretical or experimental aspects of Piaget's epistemology and/or psychology and/or with current developments of Piaget's work. 
  4. Coverage:
    Grants are meant to cover travel and accommodation expenses up to an amount determined, every year, by the Foundation Council.

  5. Applications:
    Applicants should send their curriculum vitae (with date of birth) and their research project ( max. 10 pages, including a one-page summary) along with their application letter. They should also indicate the type of publication to which the research will lead (paper in a journal, full size book or chapter(s) in a book, etc.). Applicants should indicate proposed dates for their stay in Geneva, its length and the travel expenses (economy-class). 
  6. Complete application should be addressed to Professor Pierre Barrouillet, director of the Archives Jean Piaget.

  7. Selection Committee:
    Director of Archives and selected members of its scientific committee.

Professeur Pierre Barrouillet
Directeur Archives Piaget
40 boulevard du Pont d'Arve
1205 Genève

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