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The Jean Piaget Archives

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The Jean Piaget Archives are private foundation  by the late Professor Bärbel Inhelder in 1974 The Foundation fulfils a function made necessary by the quantitative and qualitative importance of Piaget's work. Within the University of Geneva, the Foundation collects all the writings of the great psychologist and genetic epistemologist as well as the secondary literature inspired by the School of Geneva in the field of developmental psychology.

The Jean Piaget Archives are managed by Pierre Barrouillet, professor at the University of Geneva. He is supported by a psychologists, Christelle Aymoz and Marc Ratcliff, a librarian Ms Katalin Haymoz, and a secretary Ms Sandrine Amstutz.

In the reading room of the Jean Piaget Archives, researchers can study the documents that the Archives make available:

  • All Jean Piaget’s writings : books and articles, conference reports, prefaces, etc. (original versions and translations).
  • An important collection of secondary literature : monographs, theses, articles from periodicals, critical reviews, etc. This collection grows each year, with new publications related to Jean Piaget’s genetic psychology and epistemology.
  • Original manuscripts in Jean Piaget’s handwriting, and protocols of the experimental research carried out by Jean Piaget, Bärbel Inhelder, and their research teams.
  • A collection of films and photographs, audio recordings and didactic material connected with the life of Jean Piaget.

All documents related to Piaget’s theories may be sent to the Archives' address. They will be indexed and included in the catalogue. Authors quoting or referring to Piaget are invited to send us a copy of their text.

The staff of the Jean Piaget Archives are pleased to help researchers and any person interested  in their research or to answer any questions about Jean Piaget.

Documents are not on loan, but photocopies or reproductions can be made with the autorization of the Jean Piaget Archives.

Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday, 9:00 - 12:00 and 14:00 - 18:00. Friday 9:00 - 12:00.
For specific or complex searches, it is avisable to make an appointment.