Interconnection between operations, logic notebooks, manuscript by Jean Piaget, Jean Piaget Archives.


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Fondation Jean Piaget

The Jean Piaget Foundation was created in 1976 by Jean Piaget to promote the expansion of research in psychology and epistemology. To this end, for several years it has supported a number of scientific activities (grants from the Jean Piaget Archives Foundation, advanced research work, organisation of conferences, etc.), as well as the publication of the latest research directed or initiated by Piaget at the CIEG. The primary aim of the Foundation’s website is to make Jean Piaget’s texts, that are out of print and non-republished, accessible by electronic means. Part of the content of the site is taken from the CD-ROM Jean Piaget, designed on the occasion of the centenary of his birth, in 1996.

Jean Piaget Society

The Jean Piaget Society, established in 1970, has an international, interdisciplinary membership of scholars, teachers and researchers interested in exploring the nature of the developmental construction of human knowledge. The Society was named in honor of the Swiss developmentalist, Jean Piaget, who made major theoretical and empirical contributions to our understanding of the origins and evolution of knowledge. The Society further encourages the application of advances in the understanding of development to education and other domains.

Association pour la sauvegarde
de la villa Jean Piaget

The villa Les Cerisiers, Jean Piaget’s house in Pinchat, is the place where he lived with his family and worked from the 1930s onwards. This house was in danger of being sold, which represented an incalculable loss for the historical, scientific and cultural heritage of Geneva. On 1 July 2014, an association to save the Villa Piaget was created. This Association has been working to spread information about the Villa Piaget, and to find funding. In partnership with the Jean Piaget Foundation, the villa was acquired in 2017, which made its rescue possible in the short term. The partners now have to find the funding for the restoration and appropriate valorisation of the house.

Faculté de psychologie
et des sciences de l’éducation, Genève

This faculty comes from the Jean-Jacques Rousseau Institute, named after the man who wrote several pedagogical theses that are still controversial today. These ideas were developed thanks to the man who revolutionized his discipline: Jean Piaget, the most prominent child and developmental psychologist at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Geneva. Proud of his legacy and aware of his responsibility, he continued his work, by other means, in other fields and contexts, with the constant concern to build and promote the knowledge and skills needed to develop the full intellectual, social, emotional and professional potential of the institution.

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