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Programme 2008

Orateurs invités

Tracy Alloway,University of Durham
Glenda Andrews, Griffith University Australia
Valérie Camos, University of Burgundy
Nelson Cowan, University of Missouri
Andreas Demetriou, University of Cyprus
Graham Hitch, University of York
Chris Jarrold, University of Bristol
Juan Pascual Leone, York University Toronto
Anik de Ribaupierre, University of Geneva
Lee Swanson, University of California
John Towse, University of Lancaster



Uni Mail, auditoire MR290. 

Thursday morning, July 3, 2008

 8h45            Welcome

 9h15           Introduction to the 18th Advanced Course of the Archives Jean Piaget  audio
                      P.Y. Brandt (President) and P. Barrouillet (Director)

 9h45            J. Pascual Leone, York University Toronto
                     A developmental Theory of Mental Attention : Its Application to Measurement and Task Analysis                                              

10h45          Coffee break

11h00          John Towse, University of Lancaster  diaporama, audio
                     Development of Working Memory Skills : Insights from Macro-Analysis and Micro-Analysis                                   

12h00           Lunch

Thursday afternoon, July 3, 2008

14h30            C. Jarrold, University of Bristol diaporama
                      Rehearsal and the development of working memory                                                                                                       

15h30            G. Hitch, University of York diaporama, audio
                      Developmental Differences in Children's Use of Visual and Phonological Representations
                       in Working Memory                                                                                                                                                                   

16h30            Coffee break

16h45            Poster session and visit of the Archives Jean Piaget


Friday morning, July 4, 2008

 9h00              L. Swanson, University of California diaporama, audio
                       The influence of Working Memory Growth on math and reading
                       Performance in Children with math or reading                                                                                                                   

10h00            T. Alloway, University of Durham diaporama, audio
                        Working Memory in Development : Links with Learning between Typical
                        and Atypical Populations                                                                                                                                                        

11h00            Coffee break

11h15            G. Andrew, Griffith University Australia diaporama, audio
                       Recent advances in relational Complexity Theory ans its
                        Application to Cognitive Development                                                                                                                           

12h15             Lunch

Friday afternoon, July 4, 2008

14h30              N. Cowan, University of Missouri diaporama, audio
                         New Insights into an Old Problem : Distinguishing Storage from Processing
                         in the Development of Working Memory                                                                                                                            

15h30              V. Camos, University of Burgundy diaporama, audio
                        Factors of Working Memory Development : the Time-Based Resource-Sharing Approach                              

16h30              Coffee break

16h45              Poster session and visit of the Archives Jean Piaget


Saturday morning, July 5, 2008

  9h00               A. Demetriou, University of Cyprus diaporama, audio
                          Processing Efficiency, Representational Capacity, and Reasoning :
                          Modelling their Dynamic Interactions through the Life-Span?                                                                                  

10h00               A. de Ribaupierre, University of Geneva audio
                          Working Memory Capacity and its role in cognitive development:
                          Are Age Differences Driven by the same processes across life-span?          

11h00               Coffee break

11h15               General discussionaudio
                          Cognitive development and working memory                                                                                                                    

12h15               Closing speech of the 18th Advanced Course

                           Farewell Reception