Installation “red glasses”, to read Piaget’s texts.

In addition to its archival and documentary function, the Jean Piaget Archives organize various scientific activities (seminars, conferences and exhibitions). Within this framework, they also receive researchers to carry out specific projects and beneficiaries of grants and other funding for scientific collaboration.



In a tribute to both the man and the work, the exhibition Bonjour Monsieur Piaget offered the public a new image of Jean Piaget presented from a variety of perspectives.

In particular, the human factor was highlighted from different angles: family origins, friendships, ideological ties or filiations, early experience in scientific networks, but also the multitude of collaborators attracted and absorbed by the work of the one who was called “Patron”.

The exhibition presented a wide range of pieces from the Piaget family, unknown to even the most informed public: a collection of photographs, the shell collections, the numerous diplomas and the first experience protocols. Visitors were able to see for the first time the observation notebooks of the three Piaget children—written with the substantial help of Valentine Piaget—as well as an album of drawings made by Jean Piaget at the age of 5. In this exhibition, the man is brought face to face with his own story, on the still little explored shores of his childhood and his… development!


The exhibition presented in a playful way how everyday life can become a place for experimentation. Out of their canonical function, the objects are used to explore children’s skills and to understand the development of knowledge.

Based on objects, unpublished photos, field observations, notebook fragments and didactic devices, From Observation to Theory was an exhibition that brought to life five members of a family—Jean, Valentine and their children Jacqueline, Lucienne and Laurent—at the time of the construction of the Piagetian theory of development.

The main objective of this exhibition, in addition to the historical and scientific value of the notebooks of observations shown to the public for the first time, was to show how Jean Piaget constructed his theory of the emergence of intelligence in children from observations; more generally, by showing the work of Jean Piaget and his family, it was possible to illustrate with a very significant example the path of science that leads from empirical data to conceptual development.

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